Stress Ballz


Because, really, there just simply isn't enough to worry about with respect to the bar exam already, I bring you this tale of horror via some double-hearsay scraping:

Bar exams stolen, scores imputed, millions flee.

Follow the links to get the whole story, and don't miss this letter by a disgruntled applicant. It's always good to include plenty of invalid assertions of law in a letter complaining about not passing the bar exam.

I agree that the score imputing is completely indefensible. It would have to be a relatively simple matter, even with all the mathematical bells and whistles involved in turning 1400 into 2000, to reduce the total available points and scale the passing score accordingly when an essay goes missing. Especially when it's the bar's own damn fault that the essay gets lost in the first place. Imputing just makes no goddamn sense.

So I'll be worrying about this now. Because even though I'm typing my exam, and will therefore theoretically be able to retrieve any lost printouts from my hard drive, my computer will undoubtedly crash immediately after, if not during, day three of the exam. So I've got that going.

But the good news is, thanks to the official public outcry and a few e-mails from readers I never knew existed, I've decided to leave open the possibility of continuing with the stripping after the bar. I expected maybe zero people to complain about its termination, but I got at least ten or eleven responses, which is good enough for me.


The notion that that guy could pass the bar with the level of legal understanding demonstrated in that letter is absurd. Equal protection? First Amendment? Come on.

I particularly liked where he referred to his exam as his personal intellectual property. I think I'm going to start doing that. ;)

It appears that lawyer Kam is slightly better looking than law student Kam, or at least somewhat less ugly. Maybe it's the suit, or maybe it's the impish smile. He's also disproportionately larger than life. Are you implying that people automatically get taller and better looking with money?

you are funny and your strip is hilarious. i wish you the best on your bar exam. i would say "what doesn't kill you ..." but i scoff when people say that. best of luck!

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