Angels & Demons


I've updated the long-forgotten I Fought the Law Notebook with some pictures of angels and demons (the pictures and commentary are reproduced below through the magic of cut-and-paste). Out of nowhere the other day I had a religious awakening. Wait. No, out of nowhere the other day I started thinking that I really want to watch the movie Jacob's Ladder again, which got me thinking about the whole war between angels and demons and all that. I'll probably re-read Paradise Lost after the Bar. If my eyes haven't melted out of my head by then.

Angel on the warpath.

Sexy librarian demon.

Satan as a boy.

Angel striking a stately warrior pose.

Thuggish demon.

I'm not sure where the image of this angel came from. I think this is drawn from how I pictured Baby Jenks in Queen of the Damned, a book that I never made it through. I'm a little ashamed to admit that it has any influence on me at all. There may also be some Cammy from whatever Street Fighter II embellishment she first appeared in. You know, the braids and everything.


Super Street Fighter 2.

So was this awakening triggered by Conviser's spellbinding Remedies lecture? Because spellbinding (or is it mindnumbing?) it was (as are your lovely sketches)!

in case there's ambiguity - i meant i really do like your sketches (they are not mindnumbing, just the lecture was)...ok, bye.

I LOVE that they are doodled on your lecture handouts!! :)

You could do the cover for my book... if and when I ever publish it.

That'd be great! Between that and illustrating Meli's Cystic Fibrosis book I'll be a regular freelance illustrator.

Also, I realized that the librarian demon really shouldn't have a bellybutton. And she should have horns.

I enjoyed the Librarian demon's 1995-era choker.

That sounds like someone who wants to find someone else to illustrate her children's book.

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