This Is Where I Draw the Line


As part of an explanatory answer regarding why gender-segregated dorms at a public university don't trigger intermediate Equal Protection scrutiny:

"There is no purposeful sex discrimination in keeping co-ed bathrooms, locker rooms, and sleeping quarters sex-segregated."

Ten days out, I'm laying my PMBR books to rest once and for all. It's BarBri or nothing from here on out.


The PMBR lecture guy explained what that meant: apparently, it's just what the Supreme Court has said. It's a ruling you have to know, so don't ask for too much rationale. Gender discrimination in those contexts is okay.

The gender discrimination is okay because it satisfies intermediate scrutiny. That I can handle. What I object to is the claim that segregation isn't discrimination.

Ah yes. "No purposeful sex discrimination." By the way, the PMBR live lecture gives rationales way different from what's in the book.

But I love this little accompanying graphic!!

Proudly horked from the Something Awful forums. I just replaced the words with new words.

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