Thwarting the First Sale Doctrine


I got an e-mail from BarBri this afternoon that contained two pieces of information: (1) Good luck on the Bar Exam (aw, thanks), and (2) Please return all your BarBri books by December 2nd to get your security deposit back.

I had no idea they wanted the goddamn books back. But apparently I have to gather up all the pages I've torn out ("simply insert the loose pages inside the book cover") and after the Bar Exam pack all this shit together and jackass it around with me when I move down to the Peninsula, not to mention find a place to keep it for two months while I await my Bar results. BarBri will get all my doodlings of demons and boobies and people in my class, my firm will get their security deposit back, and next year's unscrupulous black market bar preppers will have one less set of unauthorized merchandise to choose from. In your face, U.S. Copyright Act Section 109.


does it feel weird to say, "my firm?"

I also love the fact that we have to pay however much money to ship all those heavy books back, when they are just going to shred them anyway. Fer chrissakes, just make us sign something agreeing not to sell them or something.

From what I understand, returning the books is not required. It's only if you want the deposit back. And I think we can turn ours in the day after the test is over (thereby not having to ship them). Of course, if you anticipate failing, you might want to keep theml.

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