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I don't know who's in charge of the Squelch these days, but I have the following things in my apartment that won't be making the trip to Palo Alto. I'll either donate them to the magazine if someone pipes up or I'll shit-can them:

(1) A copy of the October 14, 1999 issue of Rolling Stone magazine wherein squelched.com is named as one of the "best student websites."

(2) A horseload of back issues from my tumultuous year as EIC.

(3) A relatively unused set of dominoes (anyone can have these, not just the Squelch, but I thought I'd use them to round out the list).

Speak up, you band of wastrels!

1 Comment

I am publicity coordinator. Simon Ganz and Aaron Brownstein are co-EIC, and if you dont know how to reach them, i can help you out.

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