Rallying the Troopseses

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I've entered IFTL in Web Comic Battle, so if you feel like playing at pugilistic democracy feel free to head on over and cast your vote. When I voted just now my strip was beating its opponent, but I also noticed that Perry Bible Fellowship has been entered so in any case my strip won't last long.

IFTL thanks you for your support.

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wow, great site matt. i'm addicted already. i haven't gotten to the IFTL comic but i happened to read through the archives for about an hour a week ago. i keep thinking about one of the strips near the end of the comic stripper series and a bit of dialogue from one of the frames:

"which ones have coke habits?"

"all of them, they all do"...

classic line. also, i don't know if i mentioned this before but this is a cool comic related site: strip creator

let's you create your own strips with a web interface...has some funny examples of finished products too

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