IFTL Gets Its Ass Handed to It, and Other Things


The Webcomic battling got off to a bad start. Just a Little Prick lasted a respectable two days before going down in its third round. Four other strips crashed and burned on the first day. Out of respect for the strips' families I won't link to them (think math, the new twenty, man boobs, and 1L tips).

The four current contenders are faring slightly better. They're each ahead by a few votes in their respective battles. Webcomic Battle doesn't provide direct links to battle pages, which is good since it keeps things more democratic (i.e., idiots like me can't use their blogs to plead for votes -- at least not successfully). Perhaps the comic world isn't ready for self-indulgent law school-based humor after all.

Also, our friends Jim and Katie got back from a wedding planning trip to New Jersey last night, and in appreciation for us keeping their cats from starving to death they brought us an artsy picture of New Jersey annnnd... TAFFY! Molly hates taffy. She also hates my Kenneth Cole tie that everyone else loves. Me, I love taffy. In fact, I identify heavily with Dave Attel's one-toothed bus station denizen who, when asked for directions, can provide nothing more enlightening than "Taffy is delicious. I love taffy. I've discovered more than four hundred different kinds of taffy."

Finally, I'm watching Mornings on 2 (making the most of my time off before the firm lifestyle gets going), and they had this segment about a 13-year-old boy and his 14-year-old sister who just started as juniors at Cal. They transferred from Contra Costa Community College. So to all you sixteen-year-old freshmen out there, and you know who you are: You ain't shit.


The trouble is that on webcomics battle people only get to read one installment so they don't get attached to the character. That means the jokes have to stand entirely on their own merits. And well, um, look where that leads.

I didn't mean for this comment to be insulting when I started it.

No, you're absolutely right. I only found about ten or eleven strips that could even conceivably be read in isolation and make a good impression, and (now) five of those have gone down in flames. Three others survived their first round yesterday. I still have a few left to upload (WCB only allows four per day).

You're not the only one, though. I never got one of yours to come up, but I found that many of the others also suffered from being read in isolation.

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