I landed myself a U.S. District Court clerkship today. I won't say which judge (at least not on the blorg), since I feel like I shouldn't for some reason. But in any case, it's pretty cool. Not least because it means that I can cancel the last interview I had scheduled and take my suit in to be drycleaned sooner rather than later, making my closet that much less stinky.

I had a sizeable force of loyal supporters helping me through this process, not least my fabulous wife who's been dealing with my hemming and hawing about clerkships since 1L year. I also had help from current and former clerks and no less than five professors. They know who they are, and that they are awesome. I also got to sit down and chat with a handful of federal judges, which was itself a nice experience despite the rejections that some of them produced. You meet someone whose job security is protected by Article III of the dang Constitution and it kind of tweaks your outlook on life.

What this means for Meli and me is that we'll be moving three times in the next two years or so. Next weekend we move to Palo Alto, so I can lawyer in Menlo Park and Meli can hellishly commute to help The Children in Oakland. Next Fall we move to Rockridge, so I can clerk in San Francisco and Meli can (hopefully) continue to help The Children, with a commute that's more purgatorial than hellish. The following Fall we'll move back to the Penisula(sic), where I will resume my lawyering indefinitely and Meli will begin her life as a fully formed doctor-of-the-mind.

So, apart from the moving expenses, everything is coming up more or less Milhouse.


Awesome - congrats!!! I am living (and soon-to-be lawyering) in Menlo Park myself :)

Congrats! Is the judge by any chance an emeritus professor that we discussed before? Aaron and I will be moving somewhere around the base of the penninsula in May-June, so we may see you there!

No, it's not that judge, though I did meet with him and he's a super guy.

yea! (except about the moving part, bleh!)

Don't pity us the moves-- Palo Alto and Rockridge, and then maybe Palo Alto again-- we're not exactly slumming here, people!

hey, congrats! And glad that you'll be back in the East Bay for a bit... er, at some point.

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