New Strip!


I've expressed one of the Hawaii disasters in comic strip form, which can be viewed here with the help of a little scrolling. I'm playing around with some possible changes to the way I do things around here, so you'll notice that the strip has some differentnesses from those that came before it. You can tell me what you like and dislike. Also, if there are any differences that you don't notice, let me know about those, too.


Looks like you're switching from Simpsons/Garfield eyes to anime/Archie eyes. So far it looks awful, but keep working at it and you might get something good. I don't know if that will ultimately be any more comedically expressive, though.

Look for a better comic font. The one you have is dreadful. Most are. That will be your challenge. I guess Penny Arcade used to use this one, but not in all caps at least. Try it out with mixed case and see how that works out.

Have you considered using the Hobo font?

I like the huge sun that seems to be lurking ominously over our fair-skinned hero... I also like his bowl cut - very stylish.

It's hard to judge just one strip. But one thing I did instantly notice was an applied (presumably from photoshop) sharpening effect.

My font selection is limited by the fact that I'm using the free version of Photoshop that came with my laptop. I figured "Comic Sans" was a good choice since it has the word "comic" right in there.

It's not a bowl cut, he just came out of the water to his hair is soggy.

The sharpening effect is a result of me playing around with the color settings. The first time I saved it in the way I've been doing it for the last three years, the dithering was out of control and it came out looking like a Dick Tracy comic. So I changed the color setting to "System (Windows)" or something, which kind of screwed up the whole thing. But the skin is more fleshy than orange, so that's a plus. Maybe. In any case the way it looks now is the least bad I could get it to look.

I may just switch over to black and white.

that's the trap of comic sans. don't fall for it.

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