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Eager to prove to the country that he still knows what he's doing after the Katrina imbroglio, President Bush nominates an inexperienced crony to the Supreme Court. Which just further illustrates the Bush Theory of Leadership: If you make a mistake, make that same mistake again, only bigger! Even conservatives are pissed off about the nomination. The confirmation process will be fun.

In more mundane news, Meli and I will be transporting ourselves, our cats, and all of our crap about 35 miles south to the lovely city of Shallow Alto this Saturday. We're currently seeking stout-hearted souls to help us carry things hither and yon. All boxes are packed lightly and expertly. Some of them smell like oranges. Your reward will be dinner and drinks on Saturday, and a meatnormous favor of your choice* to be performed by me at any time in the future.** E-mail me or comment if you're interested.

* Meatnormous favors exclude sexual favors (unless it's teabagging***) and free legal representation.
** While I'm still alive. Unless you'd like to use my corpse for some nefarious purpose, which I suppose would be okay.
*** That's me teabagging you, bee tee doubleyew.


Sorry I can't help you out. Is there anything else I can do to have use of your corpse? I mean I could come up with a million good uses for it. I promise half of the proceeds will go to your wife.

"Imbroglio" is a funny word. This morning, one of my professors notified us of the newest retardo nomination by the least responsible President since... ooohh... that's a tough one... Anyway, this professor's sole comment about the nominee was "She's a crony." When that's your top qualification for one of the most important jobs in the United States at a time when Congress doesn't seem to have the balls to stand up and say "Hey, maybe our top jurists should know what the hell they're doing with our most fundamental rights and legal values," it's a good, good time to have a buddy with a lot of power and a de minimus sense of responsibility toward the nation and its people.

Count me in. Give me a call when you want me to show up.

Thanks, Tom!

Also, the Volokh Conspiracy has a round-up of conservative bloggers seeing red (or maybe seeing blue? hurrr!) over the Miers nomination. It's an uplifting read for liberals and moderates.

Although there's a part of me that wonders if this isn't some sort of feint on the part of the President, nominating someone who may very well be killed in committee so that he can then nominate someone like Janice Rogers Brown and force through the confirmation on the theory that the public won't want another nasty confirmation battle. Sort of the reverse of Reagan's Bork-Kennedy fiasco.

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