I received a letter today from the judge I'll be clerking for confirming my offer. In addition to all the typed-up logistical information there's a hand-written note at the bottom that says:

Look forward to your joining us. Looks as if "the law won"!



cute! I can't wait for the day you're famous enough that I can start telling stories about you. I'm actually sad I never almost killed you.

You're forgetting that one time where we all tried to kill him for his birthday surprise. That plan didn't work out too well! That's the last time we put Kenny in charge of putting together an overly-complicated plan for us.

I almost killed Matt at least twice, and one of those was broken into 4 parts.

Looks like *I* won.

That's pretty awesome.

oh, I forgot about the original Pesto Incident.

3 times.

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