Big Important Autumn


It occurred to me today that a lot of shit is about to go down in my life. Here's a rundown.

Tomorrow (October 17th): I start work at The Firm, launching my career as a big fancy lawyer/billable hours slave.
October 26th: I turn 27, leaving my mid-20s behind.
Also October 26th: I leave for a three-day firm-wide orientation, which will feature lots of nametags, PowerPoint, forgettable personal anecdotes, and hopefully unhealthful foods.
November 16th: I find out if I passed the Bar, and whether I have a future as a big fancy lawyer/billable hours slave.
November 26th: Notre Dame* plays Standorf, bringing a busload of Irish revelers from San Bernardino County to Palo Alto, including my family whom we'll try to strong-arm into visiting us at our new apartment.

So, if I seem a little distracted for the next month or so, don't take it personally.

*By the way, I never watch college football, but I'd nonetheless like to thank the Notre Dame football team for just barely failing to end USC's 27-game winning streak on Saturday. Because that wouldn't have been awesome at all.


And I'd like to thank Matt, who never watches football, for indulging with me this weekend. Particularly for putting up with my panted updates on the game from across the room while we worked out in our new apt complex gym together. We're living like yuppies and loving it.

Unless you're more special to the State Bar than the rest of us, I believe we find out the big news on November 18, same day Harry Potter movie comes out!

Tarnation. I guess I'm just in a hurry to find out. And now I have to wait two more days! Grumble.

Aw, the 16th is my birthday, and I thought we could drink to each other in celebration. I'll still drink for you, Matt.

The first Harry Potter movie came out on my birthday. That was exciting.

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