I went and picked up my diploma today, bringing to fruition the collateral damage discussed so long ago. Somehow I find the fact that he's President of the Regents even more disturbing than the fact that he's governor. Oh well.

Speaking of which, in case you care, I plan to vote No on every one of Arnold's initiatives except the redistricting one. The blanket No vote has less to do with politics than with my seething hatred of special elections, a hatred that is nonetheless dwarfed by my hatred of gerrymandering.

But back to the diploma. It's ginormous. It's also a lot wider than it needs to be, for reasons unknown. I didn't think my bachelor's degree was such a big deal, and now it will be further de-emphasized by being hung alongside its big brother. Not to mention the banana sex picture.


I'm working on the No on 77 campaign, and you're killing me.

That's such a keen signature.

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