If Paul Were a CEO


Howard Stern fans will already be familiar with this story. On this morning's show they were talking about all the steps that Scores takes to prevent these kinds of disputes. The article also mentions it:

Hanover said that each time a patron spends $10,000, Scores calls the customer's credit card company to get the charges approved. Scores even fingerprints the customer and requires him to get on the telephone with a credit card representative, he said.

As harrowing as my own tales of gentlemen's club mishaps are, at least my tabs never had commas in them.


Man... The most I've spent at a club like that is around $600 And I got a stripper for the whole night... She might have had a massive coke habit but she was extremely attractive and was really nice. I couldn't even imagine what the hell they spent all that cash on. I mean it would have had to be sex with 218 women at the same time or something. Actually now that I think about it I don't know what I spent the first time I went to the Gold club. All I know is I was gone all night and for some reason that pissed a couple people off. Oh and there was that stripper I dated in Vegas. Still, anything over like 1k and your crazy for spending that much.

According to the article they bought bottles of champagne that were worth thousands of dollars each (I'm not sure if that includes the "champagne room" benefits). Also, on the Stern show this morning they said that the guy had them keep the club open for an extra hour or two, which was probably at least a five-figure deal all by itself.

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