Office Pals


Of the many photos I have up in my office, the most distracting by far is this one:

Not only because everyone in the picture is strikingly handsome, but also because their respective faces are all telling me distinctly different things.

Matt: Your air of relaxed comfort belies a crippling lack of self confidence.
Zack: Hooray Matt! Yaaaaaay! I'm with you, buddy!
Tyler: (In "Hi, Aquaman!" voice) Hi, Holohan! I'm silly! You should stop doing work and start being silly!
Sean: You ain't shit.

In other office news, it's absolutely freezing in here unless the sun is shining directly on my window, this morning I was visited by a menacing bird-shadow, the IT guys are really nice when you ask them for things but have trouble bringing the things you ask for, and my secretary is awesome. Among other things, she brought me an unsolicited plate of Halloween cookies yesterday. I ate some.


You have a secretary!?!? I'm officially jealous... and forever behind.

That is awesome! i'm jealous!

I'm going to San Diego today, where it is apparently raining and didn't pack an umbrella. Fortunately my secretary had an extra umbrella that she's lending me. I really hit the jackpot here.

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