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I did a new strip, posted here, using the new art supplies I got from my brother-in-law. The strip is dedicated to him, and his law school applications. May he have unbridled success. Maybe for Christmas he can get me some new drawing skills, or the ability to make gifs of my cartoons without pixelating them (any help from you Photoshop experts out there would be greatly appreciated).

As you may have noticed, the latest strip is in black-and-white. I also changed the style sheet so that the links are in black. This is meant to signify that, while life was fun and colorful in law school, the life of a lawyer is bleak and demanding. It also signifies that I'm sick of using my clunky version of Photoshop to add color to my comic strips and have them come out uglier than they went in. We'll see how that works out.

Tomorrow is Halloween, my favoritest of holidays, and I'm completely missing out on all the festivities this year. All the festivities except the office Halloween party, which may or may not be fun. My area of the office is doing a "ghost town" theme. Since all the good costumes (town drunk, card dealer, prostitute) were taken, I decided to make my office the "Wild Westlaw" Depot. The kids should be amused.


Yup, I still like the color better.

The irises look a little strange in black and white, but at least you're updating!

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