Hi everybody.

Halloween isn't just my favorite holiday; it's the only holiday that I actually like at all. Kind of like the song "Lost Again" by Dance Hall Crashers. I hate every ska song except that one, and it's one of my favorite songs. But anyway, yeah, this Halloween has been kind of lame. I dressed up as "Reasonable Doubt" at The Firm, borrowing a page from Steve's playbook and dressing up as an abstract legal concept. It involved a fake mustache.

The Firm had a big Halloween Hullabaloo today. There were two costume contests - group and individual. My section's "Ghost Town" motif won second place. The group of partners who dressed up as Elvises and plastered their section of the building with Elvis posters and cardboard cutouts took the gold. The ladies of the HR department, dressed as 80s chick rockers, came in third. A guy dressed as a ninja won the individual best costume prize, which I don't understand at all.

Before the party proper, attorneys and staffmembers and people who will hopefully be attorneys come December were invited to bring their children in for trick-or-treating. The Firm supplied candy to everyone for their respective offices. Predictably, I ended up with a big bowl of Baby Ruths and Butterfisters. Anyway, kids are cute, especially when they're dressed up as things, and especially when a strange man with a creepy mustache who has no idea how to talk to children tries to lure them into his office with the promise of candy. I also had some of Meli's homemade punkin bread on my desk for the parents.

Since Meli wouldn't be home in time to set up for the trick-or-treaters, I decided to leave early and finish the work I was doing at home while handing out candy to The Children. Our impressive display of pumpkins and delicious assortment of candy were enjoyed by exactly two sets of children. Worse yet, we intentionally bought candy I don't like so I won't be tempted to eat all of it. So if anyone wants a bunch of pixie stix, Heath Bars, and sour Starburst let me know.

This is all leading up to this: I'm spending the evening reading a 270+ page securities complaint, so please please please make with the Halloween party pictures.


How the hell did you pull off reasonable doubt? That's what I want to know! Submit a picture or . . . um . . . else!

... Not even St. Patrick's Day?

St. Patrick's Day always makes me feel inadequate, both in terms of my commitment to Irish heritage and my commitment to irresponsible drinking. Which is not to say that I didn't enjoy last year's green donut/Karaoke Revolution/sherberty drinks escapades.

Thanks for the shout out. I dressed up as a lawyer, no, seriously.

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