A Wink and a Weird Scrunch


Step two in my crusade to become Cement Horizon's definitive repository of unexplainable animated gifs of women on Japanese television.

Also, what in the hell?


Anyone notice the first ladies's hand? Quite the tan line.

Hahaha, how could anyone notice that ultra gross tan-line when they are drawn like moths to a flame to look at those gi-normous eyes!? It's like a couple of grade school pictures I took...that deer in the headlights look was all the rage in '85!!

hey, that chick winks like sean does in his bit about how he can't wink. sean, you've been scooped by japan. it's just like that time you said "hey guys, wouldn't it be delicious if we wrapped up bits of alarmingly raw fish into leaves and rice and shit?"

I like the contrast between the sickeningly cute Japanese girl winking while sticking out her tongue and the frighteningly wrinkled, scary looking white old ladies in their flashy jewelry. It's just like the Dr. always says, "You can't fix ugly."

I didn't realize it was a First-Season-of-Small-Wonder wink until after I posted it. That's probably why she sticks out her tongue. You know, to distract you.

hey,, that is not japanese television show,, after all these,, you guys don't even know the exact country that the tv show is from..

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