An Insightful Comment About Feline Morality


Meli: No, Pepe! That's my cheese!
Matt: Pepe doesn't understand ownership. He only understands possession.


My god, I read that as "An insightful comment about feline mortality" and my stomach just about hit the floor. I feel much better reading it correctly and I might add that dogs are the same way.

No, seriously, I earned that cheese! I worked all day after getting up early to go to the gym and commuting for an hour, then commuting an hour home, then cooking dinner. I was hungry. I was eating my cheese while waiting for dinner to be finished. I left my cheese for one minute while I went to stir the chili, and stupid Pepe decides his fat ass wants cheese too.

In Pepe's defense, he may have felt that he had earned the cheese after a long and demanding afternoon of loafing.

Greetings and salutations! I know I disappeared off the face of the earth there for awhile, but now that I'm a student again (joy!), and I actually have some free time I am trying to pull myself back in from orbit.

Long story short--just dropping in to say hi, wanted to hopefully reestablish contact with the rest of the world. (And appologize for disappearing, of course.)

Also want to say: my cat likes cheese too. But she's way more agressive than Pepe, apparently, because once she bit me in the butt because I didn't give her a meatball fast enough. (I should probably point out, however, that she resorted to biting because she has no claws).

Hope you're well, and say hi to Meli for me! (We only met a couple of times due to temporal issues, but I do remember her fondly...)


Ah, Female Michael. Long have we suffered the absence of your tales of love in foreign lands and terrible words you and your friends made up in high school. What else is going on with you? At least provide a link to your MySpace.

Are there any other surprise lurkers around here?

I actually don't have a myspace. I think I'm probably the only person in the world without one. My brother has a myspace, though I've never actually seen it. I'm almost afraid to look...

As for lurking, I just got here. (Though I've been enjoying your comic, so I'll be sticking around...)

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