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There's a new strip, sort of. I was going to do something about the presentation skills workshop at first-year orientation but I couldn't think of a satisfactory punchline so I drew a picture of me holding a roast beef sandwich.

I don't have the funny.


first strip (sorry, i can remember no names):

[1st panel]
GIRL: What's that you're holding, some sort of oozy clam?

[2nd panel]
NERDY SUIT GUY: Cupcake: a small cake baked in a cup-shaped container.

[3rd panel]

ps i like these write-your-owns.

You could leave the dialogue out, and label random objects to make it a political cartoon. The cupcake could be "the welfare state", Kam's shirt could say "nuclear testing", the sandwich could be "The Arctic National Reserve", and the cartoonist's shirt could be "Special interest groups".

Frame 1:
Kam : I know something you don't know. It pertains to my muffin. Now I'm going to tell you what it is, but only to prove my point.
Ellen : Speaking of points, you know that every word you speak only further proves *my* contention that you are a freak.

Frame 2:
Guy in Suit : In ancient Sumaria, the muffin was used both as a phylactery to ward off "loamey, or earthy" thoughts and as building material.

Frame 3:
In Strong Bad Voice : ROAST BEEF SANDWICHED!!!


I admit my punchline is the same (essentially) as dido's.

on the other hand, phylactery. kudos.

Frame 1:

Ellen - A muffin? That's it? You've got to be eating more than that.
Kam - I'm on a diet. This work schedule is hard enough on me, and I'll eat whatever I damn well please.

Frame 2:

Suit guy - Kam! There you are. Listen, I need you to start analyzing evidence for the new trans fat lawsuit. Head to the Arby's and start eating whatever you can find on the menu.
Kam - But-
Suit guy - And be nice, share that muffin with Ellen.

Frame 3:

Voiceover - Arby's Roast Beef. Not just feeding lawsuits anymore.

Work in progress.

Frame 1:
Kam: That's right, it's a bran muffin. I'm like Mussolini's trains, baby. Regular.
Ellen: You did not need to tell me about your fascist intestines.

Frame 2:
Suit Guy: Why the sudden interest in your bowels, son?
Kam: It's that new McDonald's commercial, sir. It's got me worried.

Frame 3:
Voiceover: The new McClogger! I'm lovin' it!
Burger man: FUCK YOU, COLON!

Frame 1:
Ellen: I always have a poppy seed muffin on Thursdays... and today's Thursday... but you got the last one... so do you think maybe I could have that... er, half... er, a bite...
Kam: Not if you're going to bid against yourself like that! I don't want to reward your weak negotiations skills with poppy seed goodness!

Frame 2:
Sr. Partner: Hey guys! We just landed our rival's best settlement negotiator and man does this guy kick ass! I'm giving him your office... and your muffin.
Kam: Gasp! Not my muffin!

Frame 3:
Thought bubble: I've remodeled your pansy office AND your pansy muffin!

Any of yous guys want to be a comic strip writer? I can supply the faces.

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