A Week Away, Folks

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This post should help me gauge how many previously unknown law-types kept reading this blog after the Bar Exam.

Bar Exam results come out in one week. One week! Who's excited? One week and five and a half hours, actually, and only to the people who took the test. The leity will have to wait until Sunday to view the complete list.

Here are some things to think about:

(1) Over eight thousand people took the exam in July. You know what happens when eight thousand people try to log on to a single website at the same time? A website run by the Government? All I'm saying is, don't expect to have your results at 6:01.

(2) From what I've heard about previous years, the low-down is that you go to the website, put in your registration number and your applicant number, and then make with the clickety click. If you passed, it tells you so. But see the thing is, if you didn't pass, it doesn't say "You didn't pass," it says "This number does not appear on the pass list" or something equivalent. This means that if you make a mistake entering your number, you get the "fail" notice, even though you may not have failed. Isn't that great?

I'm going to try not to let this whole thing bother me for the next week, but who the hell am I kidding. I can't hide from my own neurosis. All the thinking about all the studying I did, and how nothing in the exam seemed too difficult, and the encouraging pass rate from my law school, won't change the fact that I'm going to want to jump out of my skin while the results page is loading. Why did I sign up for this again?

1 Comment

Anyone want a houseguest for Friday? Cuz I'll tell you now, I'm not sure Mr. Neurosis and I can coexist on that day.

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