A Redesign that Feels Bigger than It Is

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I just shit-canned the HTML-based Links page, and moved the links to other blogs and webcomics into the blog sidebar, conveniently located to your right. One of the drawbacks of the blog revolution is that it has essentially eliminated the phenomenon of the poorly-designed personal webpage, with awkward HTML and self-indulgent lists of links. This move is my way of becoming part of the problem.

I've also decided to stop categorizing my blog links, since, really, what's the point. As always, if I haven't linked to you and you'd like me to, let me know and I'll make with the edits. It's probably more of an oversight on my part than a conscious decision. Hell, I may not even know you have a blog. Also, if you're linking to me and I'm not linking back, please let me know, as I strive for balance.

Speaking of which, I'd like to welcome three new linkees to my linky list of links. In alphabetical order, they are: Maisnon, whom I sat next to during the three excruciating days that transformed me from a boy into a lawyer; Marie the Bee, long-lost female Squelch contributor who was the first non-family member to get me a summer job; and Velvet Winter, chronicling one man's adventures teaching English in Slovakia.

I hope these changes make your viewing experience more enjoyable. If not I can always replace the coffee-and-donut picture with a photo of a monkey riding a dog as if it were a horse.

1 Comment

Hi there just came across your site by accident I have read some of it (will read more) and just wanted to tell you that I am glad to find that the strange and whacky Holohan gene is alive and kicking on the other side of the Atlantic.

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