Some Clipping May Occur


My firm's website recently underwent an overhaul, and as a result they finally got around to posting the first-year bio pages. And so, in my endless campaign of self promotion, I bring you:


It's not hyperlinked and I changed http to hxxp to fool fancy browser settings. Make with the cut-and-paste if you want to see me at my smarmiest.

I have no idea why the photo is so awkwardly cropped, but everyone's seems to be like that. Apparently the web designers failed to grasp the difference between "Resize image" and "Resize canvas." They also took out my publication, which is a little irritating. My journal note may have included a discussion about dry-humping but it was a journal note nonetheless.


Looking at some of the other attorney pages on the site, it seems that everyone gets clipped at the mid-forehead level. Maybe they don't want anyone to be frightened off by your big, throbbing brains.

I like the phrase "Order of the Coif", but that might be because I'm picturing law students fighting evil wizards using naught but their wits and writs.

Sean, you ingenious wordsmith.

Oddly enough, I just finished reading "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" two nights ago.

Am I the only one immature enough to find the opportunity to download Matt's "V-Card" very amusing?

You have overcome my fancy browser settings!

You're precisely who I had in mind, Zack. I remember when your Firefox plug-ins thwarted Kenny's attempt to avoid a hyperlink. Human beats robot yet again!

I want to know why the Squelch isn't listed in your lawyery bio, holohan, and also why our close personal relationship wasn't mentioned. It's because i'm fat, isn't it?

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