Fingers Crossed


I had myself sworn in to the State Bar of California, the Northern District of California (where I'll be an employee a year from now), and the Ninth Circuit (which I will probably never see the inside of again) at Boalt. Now I'm officially a lawyer. The oath involved promising to do a bunch of things, including upholding the Constitutions of the United States and California. So if I see any of you violating either constitution, you're going to hear about it.

Meli's mother came up for the ceremony, which was fabulous. The oath administrators were Justice Werdegar of the California Supreme Court, Judge William A. "Willy" Fletcher of the Ninth Circuit, and Judge Thelton Henderson of the Northern District. The president of the Boalt Hall Alumni Association made the motions to have us admitted. It was a nice blend of pointless formality and casual remarks. There was so much sitting and standing that I felt like I was in church.

Funny Dean Edley quote: "A couple of days ago a friend asked me if I was considering taking the California Bar Exam. [Pause for chuckles.] Not anymore."

If you don't know why that's funny, ask a Stanford Law School student or alumnus/a.


I guess this means I can't quarter soldiers at your new house like I was planning to, without prescription of law, huh?

There's gotta be something satisfying about having passed a test that not even a reknowned legal scholar could pass. Who's the rock star now! I hope this makes the Bar Association realize how unduly hard the exam and/or grading is in time for me to take it. Yeah right.

Dude, congrats on actually becoming a fulfledged member of the trade.... As for those constitutional issues, I've got one for you:

When I started working for the County, they made me swear to uphold the US and CA constitutions, and then they advised me that I could be conscripted into public service in case of an emergency and forced me to join the union. No choice. Emergency service plus Union--or no job.

Great constitutionality, no?

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