House of Cards


I've posted another strip. Still no individual URLs, so you'll just have to use your scroll buttons. I haven't been drawing comic strips lately because I've been using my free time to read the Harry Potter books. Today I finally finished The Half-Blood Prince, so I thought I'd celebrate by pulling a strip idea out of the vault and adding some boobs to it.

Now that I've read all six published Harry Potter books, let me say this. Order of the Phoenix is probably my favorite, and The Half-Blood Prince is mostly ass. I found it to be extremely disappointing, and not just because I went in knowing the big surprise on Page 596. Let's hope J.K. turns things around in Book Seven, and keeps it up for the rest of the post-grad stories she ham-handedly set up in Book Six.

In other news, I've got like 500 business cards that I'm probably never going to use for professional purposes, or at least not for another three years or so. Anybody need a bookmark?


I say she's jumped the shark. I hated how phoned-in the 6th book was. It was more a marketing strategy for the rest of the series than a genuine story.

I say you wallpaper your bathroom with business cards.

I can't comment on the harry potter thing, not because I don't have opinions that conflict from yours, but because mine are so embarrassingly right.

I worked at a place where my boss was a friend and wanted to build my worky confidence, so she printed up probably a thousand business cards for me that were totally worthless. My fun crafts idea was to glue together a house of cards with it. I think the crafts idea I actually executed, though, was throwing them away.

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