Today is Meli and my two-year wedding anniversary. Two years ago today, Meli and I began our married life on a rainy day in Monterey amidst a small band of well-wishers. One year ago today, we spent a half hour in the bathroom with a pair of scissors, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and a very agitated cat. And today, we're having a nice dinner after two respective long days of work, and Pepe can handle his own damn problems.

Happy anniversary!


And in case you were wondering, while it was a valiant effort, rubbing alcohol does not help dissolve cat poo.

wow, those cats are horrible! fantastic!

When it rains on your wedding day the sun shines on your life. or something.

How about peanut butter? That helps for gum, right?

Maybe Romie has some ideas on how to remove poo?

Congrats! I can't believe that was two years ago!

It was a beautiful wedding and I am so happy we could be there to share the day with you!

Here's to many many more!

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