St. Crispin's Day Party


Molly and I went to the Firm's holiday party at the Asian Art Museum last weekend. At this party there was a chocolate fondue fountain, along with some very low-quality cookies (you'll notice that I've cleverly added a "back-ground" to the latest strip with the help of my "computer"). The chocolate in the fondue fountain was probably low-quality as well, but I didn't notice because it was in fountain form.

The party was fun. There was lots of Asian art and Asian food, elegant outfits and trashy outfits, and booze flowing like molten chocolate. Not enough tuxedos. I also ran into my old summer pal who is no longer a lawyer at the Firm, but who is going to be my agent when I get around to publishing the I Fought the Law book.

Unlike the holiday party that the court reporters threw at the Northern District courthouse, which I also attended briefly under circumstances I'm not going to explain, there was no three-piece mariachi band. Both parties did, however, feature chocolate fondue fountains, indicating a trend that I could not possibly support with greater fervor. Now, if only someone would throw a party featuring a chocolate fondue fountain and a Krispy Kreme cake. That just might be worth the price of a rented tux.


will they just shop up at my house if I have $300?

I too have had many run-ins with the very same fondu fountains. It was at Christmas, new years, and at the buffet I went to on thanksgiving. The moral of the story is that when they fall - like that one did on christmas - they make quite a mess.

Actually, I meant to say my sister's wedding. New Years was at Cynthia's house which was of course, fondu fountain free.

Yeah, the chocolate fountain has been the #1 draw at my company's holiday party for two years running now. Did you guys have marshmallows to chocolatize (eek, that's a bad made-up word) under the chocolate stream? If not, then you're missing out, b/c marshmallows are the BEST objects for chocolate waterfall dipping (close second = rice crispy treats!).

I was looking into chocolate fountains, but ultimately decided it would be about as useful as my cotton candy machine. and alcohol + molten chocolate = disaster, i'm sure.

My mom's friend is getting one at her wedding. First, that seems like the most awful thing to have around the most expensive white dress you'll ever own. And the rental + chocolate and fixings is going to cost $800. I told my mom I'd do it for half the price, but she's not interested in hiring me out. Seriously, people get so suckered by that wedding thing. I wonder how much chocolate you can buy from Trader Joe's for that much money.

There were marshmelons for dipping at the Christmas party, along with crispy rice treats (trademark issues, people), strawberries, bananas, and, of course, Chips Ahoy. But the courthouse party had angel food cake, which is much better than any of that crap.

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