An Extremely Simple Question that No Search Engine Seems to Be Able to Answer


How the hell do I get Firefox to stop converting smart quotes and em-dashes into question marks?


It almost certainly has to do with your character encoding in your "view" drop-down. In general it should be set to auto-detect or Unicode (the one true character encoding).

There are a bunch of different Unicodes and no auto-detect. Any ideas on which specific encoding I should select? I did this before but I don't remember how.

Damn it.


Unicode (UTF-8). Or KLOOTZAK, if that works for you.

KLOOTZAK to you too, my friend.

Via word.log:

Klootzak is literally a [Dutch word for] scrotum and the word is shouted from a long distance at someone you don't particularly like; for instance, cyclists at automobilists with right of way. Braver people say it in whisper mode face to face.

The KLOOTZAK was directed at Bram, not Danny, of course.

I feel enlightened. Thank you.

Reminds me of the first time someone yelled BUKKAKE in my comment stream. It took me a few months before I realized "Hey! I could look that word up!" I'm a quick one.

And what does BUKKAKE mean? I don't want to look it up.

You certainly don't. Danny, if you're going to answer this question, please do it on your own damn blog.

Jason, it's a way to prepare soba noodles (cold, with broth poured on last).

I just looked it up.

Though on second thought, you might want to read Sean's most recent blog entries about shooting people in the face.

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