Valentine's Day


In honor of St. Crispin's Day Meli made her wonderful Matt's Special Valentine's cookies, which everyone at work kept thinking were two cookies. This is how some of them (a small portion of the total yield) looked this evening:

Last night, after we had wrapped them up, I noticed that one of the cookies had found its way off the plate and onto the floor, no doubt the victim of feline curiosity. The cat theory was further bolstered by the fact that one of the crumbs was damp (and smelled like cat food). Then, this evening, we noticed this:

What didn't make it into the picture is the plastic wrap that had been covering the cookies, which had a number of corresponding fang marks. Since our cats have never shown any interest in people food, I can only assume that their act of vandalism was their way of protesting Valentine's Day because they don't have any genitals.

In closing, here's a bonus picture of what Meli wakes up to every now and then:


Wow! a few more pounds and you can get those cats on the cover of the weekly world news. socks or not.

Partly perspective, partly fur, and mostly true.

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