I Knew There Was a Reason I Voted for This Guy


There's just so much to love in this story. Especially the thing about specially training the interns to spot the envelope.

My First Amendment professor poo-pooed the idea that publishing pr0n could be political commentary, even if the subject matter of the pr0n wasn't actually political. Wrong again, Choper!


I don't see what's so bad about getting one envelope a month that your intern has to throw away. I get ten pieces of junk mail a day. Why are they so worked up over this?

Hey there... Once again, blogless... So two things:

(1) I think that's hilarious about the complimentary Hustler subscriptions, but I wonder why their suits failed... 12(b)(6) motions?


(2) Please let Meli know that not ALL teleseries are quite so sexed up... Here's a link to the new "young people soap" in Chile "Amor en Tiempo Record" ("Love in Record Time").

I have NEVER seen anything so bizzare as those Rebelde photos in Chile...


This is about the "sexiest" program on regular TV in Chile. It's kinda like The Grind meets Good Morning America--they have segments on various subjects, but people dance and it's on in the afternoon...


awesome! so good! i can't even form sentences. i just wish such freakshows weren't running the country.

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