I Don't Get It


Someone want to explain this to me? Is it just that the guy is reading comics the day before the world is going to end? Or does the idea of the world exploding remind him of the comics and so he reads the comics? If it's either of those things, why is that funny?


I think it reminds him of comics.
I don't get it though.
What is with the orange-phone??

I didn't get it until the reference to the orange phone. Of course that's no orange phone, its an off color red phone--otherwise known as the nuclear hotline. Thus clearly we have egg-headed, bald President Bush ignoring impending doom in order to read the comics. Political satire at its finest.

I'm a huge fan of PBF but I have no clue where the funny is in this one. To be perfectly honest this one seems to be a "quickie" of a strip. Let's hope this isn't a downward trend.

Seemed like some of his older work to me... probably took the week off

Uh, excuse me Chun, I believe the term you're looking for is "teh funny."

I think it's a swipe at newspaper readers who go straight to the comics. He's not reading comics *because* the world is ending. He's reading comics because that's what he does. The apocalypse is just there to accentuate how very Stanley Spidowski he is. Free toy inside! Free toy inside!

PBF Dude kind of flubbed the delivery, though.

Looks like the creator didn't get the strip either. It's off the website and been replaced with one about young vampire girls and make-up. Sheksheeeeee.....

Not off the website, just moved way down near the bottom.

Thank you Zack for the UHF reference. It brightened my day.

This is pretty good watermelon. Tastes like poop.

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