Dear Gene


EDIT: Sean helped me out with this. Thanks Sean!

Hi Gene. I hope you're enjoying Europe. I was wondering if there was a way to fiddle with my blog so that it doesn't only show posts that are less than a week old. That way, my blog won't look empty if I go a week without posting, as I'm wont to do given the combination of laziness and work demands.

This is a really lame post, I know. But if I didn't need to fill this space with something to make it look like I'm not dead, I may have done this over e-mail.

And if there are any lawyers on the line, I invite you to join this here site, to which Eve directed me. It's MySpace for lawyers, and right now there are only about three dozen people on there. And nobody's got a picture. What the hell?


You're really trying my patience with this social networking website stuff. I still don't get it.

Also, should be in email form and not blog form: I saw Walk the Line last night. And I'm willing to jump on the Reese Witherspoon as ugly bandwagon. She totally fooled me with her blondeness, but take that away and she is an alien.

And doesn't Johnny Cash sound like Eeyore?

Maybe *Eeyore* sounds like *Johnny Cash.*

on your MT site go into "weblog config" (which is under the "manage" section on the left side) than "preferences" (which is the second option at the top).

the second option down on the page is "number of days displayed" change the number in the box to however many days you want displayed--it's probably at 7, i'd recommend 30. click "save changes" at the bottom and then you'll have to click "rebuild my site" when the page refreshes for the changes to take effect.

ha! i thought you meant sean helped you with the letter. which i was confused by. now i see what you actually meant and feel dumb. at least i'm still beating him in CH popularity though.

Hey, thanks for the plug on Lawbby.

Yeah, there's only a few profiles on there, but really, it's only been up for about a week or so.

Hope you guys like it...


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