New Comic Strips


Remember when I used to draw comic strips? Well, yeah. There are two new ones. I was aiming for five and I hit two. One is a commentary on the amazing world of e-filing. The other is a long-awaited resolution to the Jessica Alba cliffhanger of so long ago. We also get to meet Kam's secretary. Her name, for now, is Marcy.

I'm still figuring out the best way to not color these things.


I see Ted's been taking direction from Orson Welles.

Ah! Damn it, yes, I meant to point that out. It's not hackery if you cite your sources. Thanks, Zach S.!

If you haven't heard the recording of Orson Welles trying to record a commercial for peas, well, then, I don't know what all. Maybe I'll have to post it. It's truly amazing.

Here it is

New strips and New Claudio!

Get me a jury and show me how you can say "In July" and I'll go down on you.

In the "Pinky and the Brain" episode where they make fun of the Orson Welles outtakes (with the Brain as Orson and Pinky as the director), "go down on you" is replaced with "make cheese for you." I bet the writers had fun with that one.

I think the outtakes were also lampooned on an episode of "The Critic" (in which Orson may very well have been voiced by the Brain). In the Critic version, Orson can't finish the commercial because he keeps eating the peas. At the end he grabs a bag of frozen peas, starts eating it, and exclaims, "They're even better frozen!"

The Critic parody also contains the line, intoned by Maurice LaMarche as Welles, "Rosebud Green Peas: Full of country goodness and green pea-ness." which is the animated Welles's breaking point.

In the depths of your ignorance, what is it you want?

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