They Grow 'Em Stupid Down in Festus


I went to a firm retreat in cold, cloudy La Jolla on Friday and Saturday this weekend. The retreat was spent almost entirely in a large ballroom fashioned into a large conference room, except for the meals, which were taken in the Garden Courtyard, and the Poker Tournament/Karaoke Party, which took place in some other room. During the presentations in the ballroom, there were little bowls of brand-name candy on the tables. This means that I ate a lot of candy this weekend.

Among the offerings were Laffy Taffy, a candy that I enjoy both for the chewy fruitiness and also the awful jokes on the wrappers. I'm a big fan of groan-inducing jokes, but one particular one was just bad. I would even say this is not a joke at all. It comes to us from Christy M. of Festus, Missoura:

Q: When was meat so high?
A: When the cow jumped over the moon.



Chuck Norris crossed the road. Nobody has ever dared question his motives.

We got that joke! Lame indeed. What is it about Festus, MO???

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