Memorial Day Poll



What color is this shirt?


Coffee, or tan?

sort of army green?

Initial response: Green

Upon consideration: Brown

Upon further consideration: Tan?

I've had this shirt for two years and I've always thought it was green. Yesterday Meli told me it was brown. It's good to know that the color is ambiguous, and I'm not crazy/color blind.

dark beige?

I say green, but I am a little color blind...

Christine and I had numerous disagreements about the color of things so we googled it... and turns out she was right.

I don't know whether to be frustrated or flattered... Matt has a way of identifying me as the arbiter of truth. For example, it was not enough for him that we simply disagree on the color of the shirt- he felt there was a universal truth to be identified. Thus, the internet.

Males have a tendency to over identify green. I've seen this pattern repeatedly, both with my red/green color blind ex-boyfriend and my not color blind current boyfriend. The world is indeed more brown than boys would care to admit. Luckily, we women stand as the bastion of color truth. (See?

Your shirt is not coffee; coffee is warmer. It is not tan; tan is yellower. It is not army green or any other shade of green for that matter; green is cooler. Olive is more convincing, but olives are greener or yellower.

Your shirt is in fact hazelnut.

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