I Desire an Anthony Kennedy Bobblehead


But I don't subscribe to The Green Bag, so I guess I can't get one unless I buy it on eBay. Apparently a Scalia Bobblehead sold on eBay for like $500. Probably not worth it, but a mini-Kennedy would be a welcome edition to my growing collection of Office Crap.


You'd better get on that. I already have 2 Nancy Pearl librarian action figures (regular and deluxe) and a Giles (from buffy). No bobble heads yet, but I'd certainly get one if i thought they existed.

Right, the smart thing to do is talk about paying $ 500 on eBay, instead of just subscribing to the Bag and being able to be one of the ones doing the selling. Riiiight.

From the Green Bag website (emphasis added):

About the Bobbleheads: We make them for the joy of it, and then we give them away. We don't sell them. We make no promises about when we will make them or who will get them. Some (but not all) subscribers to the Green Bag as of the date we announce the release of a bobblehead receive a certificate redeemable for a doll, and we arbitrarily and capriciously give certificates to some folks who are not subscribers (mostly law school public interest groups that auction the dolls at their annual fundraisers). For more details please see the "Subscriptions" page. So, the bottom line is that there is no way to lock-in a Green Bag bobblehead. If you want to buy one, your best bets are law school public interest charity auctions and eBay.

Just posted my Kennedy bobble for sale on eBay. Happy bidding!


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