Punctuation for Canadians


This glorious fable of contractual interpretation comes to us from the Northland (and to me from the SomethingAwful forums). It's always sad when companies accidentally lose jillions of dollars, but I can't say that I'm terribly distressed to see a comma-happy contract drafter get its comeuppance. Commas aren't toys, kids. You don't just stick them into sentences, when it seems like a good idea. Otherwise you look ignorant and, marginally illiterate. Commas have a narrow and well-defined purpose and should not be used, beyond that purpose.

And while we're on the subject of important little bits of punctuation, I suggest you look at this.


ahhh, grammar. What a great story for matronly English teachers to tell.

I'm a strict congrammarist (if not a strict conspellerist). Matthew, I've always appreciated your dedication to correct American English. As soon as you start looking the other way on these things, havoc ensues! If there were some sort of punctuation prison, anyone who put a period outside the closing quotation mark would be the cell bitch.

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