My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nothing


Up yours, Pluto.

When I was discussing this with Meli last night, she asked me who gets to make these decisions. Drawing on my experiences among the Astronomy majors I encountered in Le Conte Hall, I said, "I'm sure there's some international group of people with oppressive body odor and no girlfriends." That was actually unfair, since at least one of those Astronomy majors was a highly attractive woman. But she was the exception that proves the rule.


Is the "highly attractive woman Astronomy major" you refering to Tatiana? If so, hear hear.

Dude, I hope that's not the one.

No, Tom, that's not the one I was thinking of. Think Mars. And let's continue this discussion over email.

Man, there's only eight planets now!? How can I wrap my brain aroud there not being 9 planets, like I was taught in kindergarten. I wonder what other "facts" I leaned in childhood aren't actually true. Are there really five oceans? Do we have more than 5 senses? The seven food groups have already been destroyed; what's next? Will Dopey dwarf be disqualified from the seven dwarfs?

In fact we do have more than five senses. In addition to the standard five, proprioception and balance make for a total of seven senses. Maybe you were too busy eating your peanut butter and apples in kindergarten to learn that one.


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