Name That Dinosaur


We all know that dinosaurs never existed and the bones were planted by Satan to fool us away from God's truth, but does anyone know what the blue dinosaur in the lower left of this picture is called? I've been thinking it was a diplodocus but apparently I'm an idiot.


I think that's a dimetrodon.

Probably a dimetrodon. Diploducus is really tall with a long tail.

Ah, so it would seem. My co-clerk's favorite dinosaur is the diplodocus, which made me realize that I had the name wrong. I swear I learned that the dimetrodon was called diplodocus in preschool. Goddamn Montessori teachers.

It didn't take long for the dino-nerds to come out for that question, huh?

Yeah, I'm surprised Zack wasn't in before the lock.

He's on company time right now. Had you posted in the morning Zack would've been all over it.

Dimetrodon is not a dinosaur, but a pelycosaur. They predated dinosaurs like dinosaurs predated cavemen.

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