Help Me Come Up with an Interesting Lie About Myself


I'm supposed to come up with an interesting fact about myself for an upcoming orientation. I'm a pretty boring person so I'm going to make something up. I need something that's wacky and interesting yet believable. Any ideas?

Here are some that I've come up with so far:

Shot a man in self-defense.

Dated Julia Stiles in high school.

State-wide collegiate fencing champion, 1999.

Reads "Missing Pets" section of newspaper every day to predict earthquakes.

Published best-selling memoir about my struggle with heroin addiction.

Able to accurately complete any crossword puzzle without looking at the clues.

Puts pants on two legs at a time (this is true, actually).

Founder of

Invented Sparx malt liquor.


Offered a monetary reward on my blog for the person who invented the best lie about me to tell the rest of you.

Was supposed to be part of Survivor: Season X, but gave it up to start law school instead.

Lead a troop of baboons for two years after a bizare imprinting accident.

In my retreat today my lie was "My best friend and I were semifinalists to be contestants on Season 4 of The Amazing Race."

You once had a bit part in a commercial for prunes starring TV's Melissa Joan Hart.

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