It's Fleet Week here in San Francisco, something I was called upon to explain to my co-clerk this morning as she noticed -- with no small amount of alarm -- the fighter jets zipping noisily around the city. I'm not sure exactly what the point of Fleet Week is, so the best explanation I could come up with is "It's our version of the Soviet military marches through Red Square. And the Blue Angels buzz San Francisco for two days for some reason."

The whole concept of these fighter jets flying around outside the window is just very bizarre. To say nothing of the noise, the extreme close-ups, the shaking of the buildings, let's for a moment just consider the fact that San Francisco is probably the most anti-military of America's large cities. And let us not also forget the gratuitous waste of jet fuel.

But still, it's kind of neat.

Which reminds me of another advantage of working in the federal building: Protests. Today there was some kind of big "This time we mean it!" anti-war demonstration that marched its way past the building on its way to some damn other place. Last week, as Congress was closing its session early to get going on campaigning, a large banner appeared outside that read: "Nancy, stop funding war." But my favorite protest so far followed this week's DEA raid of a California medical marijuana facility, which invited a small group of extremely mellow demonstrators chanting "Heyyy heyyy... Hoo Hoooo... The DEA has got to go... Man."


this has nothing to do with your post. sorry.

but dude, why have you not made a post about the season premiere of lost? i was looking forward to reading it when i got internet back. i mean...i just assumed you would have something to say since you are the place i go on CH to debate the show. and there was so much! stephen king book clubs and saywer's fish biscuit!

um, i apparently didn't manage to close that italic tag. whoops.

I have a long, meandering Lost-related post that I'm currently finalizing for publication. But I will say that "Hey! You got yourself a fish biscuit there, didn't you?" is my favorite line so far of the entire series (replacing Sawyer's "Han and Chewy" line from season one).

yey! i knew you wouldn't let me down.

FYI, I love fleet week too... but it has an ugly history (connected to our invasion of Cuba, etc). Here is a really funny article by some organization organized to oust fleet week and "take back the bay." Okay, the article isn't funny but the logo is:

the purpose of fleet week is to scare the crap out of me in my office.

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