Lost Season Premiere Round Up


At the prompting of Michele I'm going to lay down my thoughts on this week's season premiere of Lost. I also have another post about my thoughts on the show generally after two seasons, which will come at another time. Here's the short version of my recap: Disappointing.

Here's what happens:

The opening sequence starts with a kind-faced blonde woman (they're adding kind-faced blonde women to the cast like it's going out of style) getting up in the morning, playing a CD of "Downtown," almost crying, and then pulling herself together. We then see her hosting a book club meeting in her suburban home, in which one guest rails against the chosen book. The blonde woman says it's her favorite book and she's glad the guy hates it. The book is by Stephen King, but I couldn't make out the title ("The Stand" would be appropriate, but the books the people were holding looked a little thin for that).

The meeting is interrupted by an earthquake, after which the members go out into the street. We find them in a nice-looking suburban neighborhood where everyone is coming out of their houses to see what was up with the earthquake, including Nothenry(!), Ethan(!), and Goodwin(!). The people look up and see an airplane falling out of the sky, which promptly explodes into two pieces. Nothenry orders Goodwin and Ethan to find the respective pieces, pose as survivors, and bring back lists in three days. They scamper off, and Nothenry looks at Blondie and says coldly, "I guess I'm out of the book club," thereby planting the seed of tension between Blondie and Nothenry that will no doubt be beaten to death all season. The shot widens and we see that the quaint suburban neighborhood is actually built on a hillside on the Island.

This was one of the ass-kickingest opening sequences of the show so far.

In the rest of the episode, (surprise) not much happens.

Jack is kept in an empty aquarium and gently interrogated by Blondie (whose name is actually Juliet, and who is played by the actress who played Angela Jolie's girlfriend in Gia). Jack ends up taking Juliet hostage and trying to escape, only to be met by Nothenry. Nothenry appears to be unbothered by Jack's threats to kill Juliet, and both Juliet and Nothenry insist that the door Jack plans to open will kill them all. Jack opens the door anyway, water rushes into the corridor, and Nothenry escapes and traps Juliet and Jack in the flood. Juliet closes the door, punches out Jack, and brings him back to the aquarium. Later, Juliet reveals that she has a whole dossier on Jack's entire life, and in the end Jack submits to her and agrees to behave while she brings him food. Rather than bring him food, however, Juliet allows Nothenry to go into the cell. Nothenry tells Juliet she did a nice job breaking Jack, and Juliet coldly but respectfully thanks him.

In the flashback, meanwhile, we learn that Jack's stubbornness and obsessiveness about finding out who his wife is banging leads him to accuse his father of banging his wife, and physically attack him at an AA meeting. This results in Jack being arrested and Jack's dad falling off the wagon. So the big revelation from Jack's past this week is that Jack's dad's death was Jack's damn fault.

Meanwhile, Kate is made to shower and put on a pretty dress by Beardy, who then takes her to the beach where Nothenry is waiting with a fancy breakfast for her. Nothenry tells her that he's doing this for her because "the next two weeks are going to be very unpleasant" and he wants her to have something nice to hold on to. Kate is understandably upset by this. Nothenry also notes the fact that Kate asked about Sawyer before she asked about Jack, something nobody cares about except the Others.

The comic relief portion of the episode is provided by Sawyer, who finds himself trapped in a dilapidated outdoor bear cage with a set of switches and buttons that, when pressed in the correct sequence, promise food. As Sawyer tries to figure out the "gizmos," a teenaged Other in the opposite cage pretends to help him escape. Sawyer is re-captured by Juliet (using the stun darts from the season finale) and the teeanged Other is made to apologize to Sawyer through the blood flowing from his nose. It's not spelled out that the kid is an inside man, but come on. We know that Sawyer is as stupid as two bricks when it comes to figuring out who to trust. "What? That bitch stole my gun? Son of a bitch! I thought she just wanted to randomly have sex with me in the middle of the woods because I'm that hot. Villainy!"

Sawyer finally figures out the experiment (indicated by the sounds of Stars and Stripes Forever playing from the loudspeaker) and does a little celebratory dance. Sawyer's reward is a biscuit in the shape of a fish, a large pile of peanuts, and water. Sawyer is disappointed by this but timidly takes a few bits from the biscuit.

This leads to what may be the funniest line of the show so far.* At the end of the episode, Beardy brings Kate to the cage opposite Sawyer (recently vacated by the kid), and kindly says that he'll bring her some antiseptic for the cuts on her wrists from her handcuffs. When Sawyer cracks wise at him, Beardy supportively says, "Hey! You got yourself a fish biscuit there, didn't you? Howdja do that?" Sawyer proudly says that he figured out the gizmos, and Beardy tells him that "It only took the bears two hours." Sawyer asks how many bears they were and Beardy doesn't respond. (Sawyer actually wins this argument, I think. He clearly figured out the sequence early on, but he was too small to press everything at once, so most of his time was spent figuring out how to hold one of the switches down -- which he does by laboriously obtaining a large rock from outside the cage. Multiple bears wouldn't have had this problem.)

Once Beardy is gone, Sawyer asks Kate if she's okay and offers her his fish biscuit. Kate is very upset (presumably the conversation with Nothenry continued after the "next two weeks" comment and didn't go well from Kate's perspective), but seems happy now that she's with Sawyer (Who the fuck cares???), and accepts the fish biscuit. Personally, I thought it was shitty of Kate to take Sawyer's food after she had just been offered a full-on breakfast, but hey.

It seems that the Others are pairing Jack, Kate, and Sawyer up with people who represent their respective personal difficulties. Juliet is a proxy for Jack's wife, Beardy (who's really nice to Kate throughout the episode) is the father figure that Kate's been looking for all her life, and the kid is the child version of Sawyer that Sawyer is trying to help by killing the man who killed his parents. This may be a stretch (it seems to work best in Kate's case), but that's the sense I got. In any case it does seem that the Others are trying to build trust on the part of the prisoners in the three separate people. We still have no idea what their plans are. And we're not sure whether Juliet is really committed to the Others cause, since she's already shown plenty of signs of (1) hating the fact that she's there and (2) hating Nothenry. Also, when Jack mentions the Dharma Initiative to her, she says something like "It doesn't matter who we were..." with an air of wistfulness and regret in her voice.

Next week, the other castaways plan a daring rescue of the three main characters, and Nothenry is livid when he learns that they have a sailboat (indicating that the Others never knew about Desmond). There's also some confrontation between Jack and Nothenry which probably won't be interesting at all.

And so, here's my prediction of how this story arc will pan out:

Kate: I know it sounds crazy, but I think we can trust Beardy to help us escape.
Sawyer: Naw, fuck that. That's the son of a bitch that shot me. We can trust this kid, though. He tried to help me escape once, and this time maybe it'll work!
Jack: I say we do the opposite of whatever Sawyer says we do, because I'm a prick like that. Besides, I know Juliet betrayed me once already, but she also saved my life, and I think I may have "fixed" her and now she's with us.
Sayid: I'm Luke Skywalker. I'm here to rescue you!
Nothenry: OWNED!
Jack, Sawyer, and Kate: Betrayed!
Michael: Hay guys! I brought the boat back let's go to Hawaii LOL.

And let me also say that the Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle is the single boringest and most distracting plotline in the show. Enough already. It's the most hackneyed thing in the world. Will she go for the nuturing, stand-up, doctor-type or the scruffy dangerous outlaw? She's so conflicted!

And that's what I'm talking about.

* The previous funniest line, for my money, was from the finale of the first season where Sawyer refers to Michael and Jin as "Han" and "Chewy." Though Sayid's line in season two where he walks in on Hurley and Charlie(?) listening to a record and says, rigidly, "This music is extremely depressing" was also gold.


wow. i was kind of thinking i shouldn't have been so hasty to abandon this after the first season, but now i feel completely justified. as predicted, whosits the creator will add way too many characters, downplay the characters you originally did care about and twist the plot around in several thousand contradictory ways. it will end by him killing off, bringing back and killing off again anyone you actually like, especially every character who's ever had an amusing or mood-lightening line. man i hate that guy.

you are a fool, kristen. it's still pretty damn entertaining. plus, they killed off the last blonde pretty lady so they needed a new one. wait, they killed off both previous blonde pretty ladies. juliet, i'm sensing a theme! dun dun DUUUUN!

that fish biscuit exchange really was beautiful.

ok. i don't know how believing i am of your relative replacement theory, but i do think they are majorly torturing kate in scenes we didn't see with pointy things. or electro-shock. also, what's up with the 2 week timeline? what the fuck's going to happen in 14 days? and how many episodes will it actually take for 14 days to pass? i have a horrified suspicion it will be most of the season.

oh, and in the opening, the dude complaining about the book she chose said something about how, "now i understand why ben isn't here because this book sucks and he probably didn't want to read it." and that's when she gets all angry because really she didn't invite ben to the book club. ben being nothenry. i think. not sure if i care about juliet/ben relationship though. which is a sad sign so early in the season since you're right about them probably beating it to death all year. i can only care less.

how could stupid Others not know about desmond/the boat? stupid Others.

oh! and more lastly (and only of interest possibly to kristen and i), i was reading whedonesque.com the other day and it said nathan fillon was going to guest star in at least 2 episodes in kate's flashbacks as (probably) her husband. nathan fillon! i love him!

(sorry i got so excited and spewed all over your comments)

no, NO! stupid jj abrams will only make you hate nathan fillon, as he makes you hate all the actors associated with him! argh, i hate jj abrams! (thank god i stopped watching before i was forced to hate naveen andrews.)

i too am sorry about the comment spewing. but not necessarily sorry enough to stop. i suspect that eventually dr v will have to come in here and demand that you close this thread.

Ah, I hadn't caught the Ben thing. I noticed we learned Nothenry's real name at the end, but I didn't make the connection to the first scene. I assumed Juliet was crying about not wanting to be on the Island (listening to "Downtown," thinking about how she'll never see an actual city again), but maybe she was pining for Ben.

Also, Libby is still in play -- we're going to learn about her in flashbacks, why she was in the mental institution and how she got the boat.

the book was Carrie:

I'm not sure what that means though...

Maybe it means Juliet is going to go Bakersfield Chimp and kill all the Others.

I'm not seeing the crossword puzzle-pager connections. I can't tell which words they're talking about/

You know what's more annoying than the love triangle? Jack's issues with his father. His issues with "saving people" are only slightly less boring. And "Is she - is she happy?" was terrible. Seriously, nothing is ever going to happen on this show outside of the last five or occasionally first five minutes. I'm with Dido from now on.

I don't know, at least the scenes involving Jack's dad tend to involve decent acting and convincing assholery. All we get in the love triangle scenes are Kate's pouty mouse face.

sigh. sadly, i like kate's pouty mouse face. and also sawyer's insouciant humor. man, he's hot. and a pedophile, like me. we have a bond.

kristen--i hadn't considered how i might hate nathan fillon after this. but you're right. i kind of hate both the hobbit and naveen now, which makes me sad. dammit. but i love nathan fillon. is nothing sacred?

what was the song that desmond was listening to in the first episode of last season? maybe these loud, cathartic theme songs will prove a trend. or a clue. OR MAYBE I'M READING TOO MUCH INTO STUPID J.J. ABRAMS MANIPULATION! DAMN THAT MAN!

seriously, have you learned NOTHING from alias? no plot point is ever so firm that it can't be completely denied one episode later. no dead character is ever so dead that he or she cannot be revived for abrams' stupid purposes in the next season. "death cannot stop jj abrams. all it can do is...delay him for awhile." -the princess bride

"Sayid: I'm Luke Skywalker. I'm here to rescue you!"


Carrie was a "kid" with special powers, which is probably a reference to Walt and a few weird happenings concerning him and his eventual kidnapping; Desmond's song was "Make Your Own Kind of Music".

The plot is probably being made up as they go along, because they never expected it to go three seasons. Which produces the oddity that it will still be 2004 or 2005 on the show, and 20?? in real life. Starts out in "real time" then turns into a time capsule.

I agree that the character relationships and flashbacks are getting boring, but I still love Sawyer's nicknames. Funniest part of most episodes for me. He also seems to be the only one who hasn't found the island barbershop. They all look pretty good, considering. I also agree about the revolving door for blondes. What is that about?

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