Happy Halloween


Or Samhain, as it were.

I don't know what made me think that coloring this strip was a good idea. The limited palette combined with my tin eye always makes the colored versions look even worse than the black-and-white versions. This strip did give me an opportunity to experiment with the amazingly awful Photo Impressions, which came with our newish computer. The fact that the new computer is more powerful than my laptop means that I managed to color the whole thing without blue-screening, but Photo Impressions is very difficult to use, and will only let you use the paint bucket tool about ten or twelve times before you have to restart the program. Very annoying. And, the end product looks like crap.

Anyway, this strip is dedicated to my wife, Dr. M, featured in the last frame in a pictoral representation of the night we met (just over five years ago). The strip is also dedicated to UC Berkeley Celtic Studies Professor Dan Melia, the most entertaining crappy professor I've ever had, who sparked my interest in Celtic history by not actually teaching me anything about it.

Enjoy your candy, you unwashed pagans.


You are awesome, honey, shitty Photoimpressions and all! Happy Halloween!

some people in one of my library classes pointed out a naughty librarian costume and then started discussing the origins of women tarting it up for halloween. the theory one proposed (which i liked) is that it began as more and more women entered the job-force and they sexed up those costumes of which they could have jobs--nurses, librarians, secretaries, etc., and later, police-women, etc. this was an attempt to make it more palatable to men for women to have these jobs/to have jobs at all--by providing a sexual fantasy outlet one night a year. though presumably, the whole thing detoured a little when women just started whoring up animal costumes, witches, fairies, angels, comic book characters, etc.

anyway, i like your sexy druid a lot too.

things got very confusing, of course, during WWII halloweens when women began wearing slutty rosie the riveter costumes.

I feel like we need a quick reminder of Sean's sexy doctor costume at this point. Booty scrubs. Skimpy top. Most brilliant thing ever.

Why does it look like that Celtic universe interloper is popping his head through a atmospheric vagina? If I had green-haired Celtics using my vagina as a transportation portal, I'd probably visit a doctor.

Ahhhh. The coloring was totally worth it for the hair that didn't quite get all black. so good.

You know, this is the second time I've drawn a strip involving a tear in the fabric of reality, and the second time a commenter has accused me of using vaginal imagery in doing so. I specifically tried to make it look less anatomical this time around, but I guess there's just nothing for it.

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