First, two new comics: I'm Not Very Smart, relating the story of my recent tragic encounter with macaroni and cheese, and Bear Arms, relating something that I wish really happened over the weekend. Both borrow heavily from previous strips. More Yosemite humor is on the way.

In other news, a few more friends have jumped on the blogwagon:

Deep Frying and Ranting, home of former roommate and pinup girl Cynthia and her new deep fryer.

Mognet Central, which I don't know what that means, but it has words by Lydia on it.

Herbie the Love Blog, the evolutionary eventuality of the once and future KBWeb.

I've taken the opportunity to once again overhaul the links page. The blogpile has grown unwieldly and forced me to organize my friends into convenient categories. I'm still a little disturbed that it was so easy to do.


your hole in the space-time continuum is rather vulvic.

I like the hole! But I think the alien is too anthropomorphic.

Moogles are these great, super-cute creatures from Final Fantasy games, and Mognet is their, well, Zack explains it as "pony express with moogles instead of ponies." Mogs change from game to game, but they tend to have wings, ears, and giant red pom-poms on their heads...

oh my gosh! I just found someting trying to get you decent moogle picture. This is what my children will look like.

nod for the macaronis strip.

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