Minor Tinkering


I've made a few changes to this here blog, changes that most of my readers probably won't even notice!

Change number 1: The sidebar (including the roast beef sandwich picture) has been ensmallened, and the blog text area has been enbiggened. This will hopefully solve the problems associated with posting large images, at least for those of you who aren't using small resolutions on your tiny monitors.

Change number 2: The sidebar now appears on individual entries, where it didn't before. Thus, while I have shrinked the sidebar in size, I have enlarged it in ubiquity.

Change number 3: Within the next 24-48 hours, the URL www.ifoughtthelaw.net will point to this blog instead of the comic strip site. I'm doing this for a variety of reasons.

First off, this blog is my main online endeavor, so it makes sense that the one thing I pay for in connection with online publishing (the URL) should connect directly to the thing I pay the most attention to (the blog).* That was an awkward sentence but I gotta keep moving.

Second, it's clear that I'm no longer able to draw comic strips with any degree of regularity (I've posted 22 strips sporadically since Fall 2005 -- Those aren't good numbers), so I don't think the comic site deserves its own store-bought URL. I'm not abandoning the comics, nor am I taking the site down. I'm thinking about alternative hosting arrangements, hopefully something that will involve a URL that doesn't include my name. What I'll probably end up doing is just dumping all the strips into a low-tech archive kind of thing, post new strips on the blog, and archive as I go.

Finally, based on my site tracking info, hardly anyone goes to the comics site. Seriously. And those who do almost inevitably come here. For those cherished few who like my art but can't stand my words, I hope that the inconvenience of clicking on the roast beef picture won't drive you away forever.

Anyway, that's my story. Welcome to the slightly new and nominally improved I Fought the Law.

*Money has changed hands in connection with the blog, but I consider those donations rather than compulsory payments. Because Gene is cool like that.


I like it. The "click here for comic strips" link needs to be bigger or a different color, though.

I think the link is good. The text isn't huge, but the picture provides a nice big clickable area.

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