Giants Fan Fest


Dr. M and I went to Giants Fan Fest today, an event that should be called "Giants Line Fest," because all you do is stand in line. Pictures from the locker room and dugout here. Our favorite picture is this one. It created a great deal of amusement amongst us and the people around us.

The best thing about the event was the "garage sale" booth where they were selling off all the merchandise they couldn't sell during the previous season, with the intent of donating the proceeds to charity. Amongst the merchandise were several balls and bats signed by unremarkable players. The money quote of the day was from one of the booth workers, trying to close the deal on one such bat, and bolding proclaiming that "Vizcaino is good!" I didn't see any Armando Benitez balls, but if I had I would certainly have forked over the $40.

Our main goal for the day was to buy tickets to one of the Yankee games. Unfortunately Yankee game tickets were only being sold as part of in prohibitively expensive six-packs, and the five other games in the packs were all at inconvenient times or otherwise undesirable. We ended up buying two "Friday Night Packs" instead, which had no Yankee tickets. After waiting in line for over an hour.


As a baseball fan writing to somewhat less of a baseball fan I have two questions.

First, why Benitez?

Second, why the Yankees? You're not a New Yorker, and further, it would be quite easy to buy Yankees vs. Oakland tickets.

Benitez is a humorously awful pitcher, so I would enjoy having a Benitez ball prominently displayed on my desk for the irony value. Kind of like the Justice statue.

As for the Yankees, the truth is that I don't care, but Meli wants to go to a Yankee-Giants game because the Yankees haven't faced the Giants in San Francisco since the Giants came to California, so the fact that they're doing so this year is a big deal what with the former New York rivalry and all.

Also, back when I was more of a sports fan I generally supported the New York teams, since my family is from New York and my dad is all about the New York teams. And the Celtics.

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