Food is for Eating, not for Competing


The latest strip, having nothing whatsoever to do with law, is dedicated to my Food Network geek friends. And also Zack, who will hopefully appreciate the Swedish Chef cameo.

I'm finding myself less enamoured of the only channel that M and I watch regularly (other than Sci Fi, which provides us with awful weekend entertainment), as I slowly realize that watching people cook just isn't that interesting for someone who never cooks. And the only thing boringer than watching people cook is watching people cook competitively, which is why I really hate Iron Chef America. The original at least had enough of a "wacky Japanese" factor to keep it entertaining, but watching Mario Batali and his fat hairy meatloaf body sweat all over the kitchen arena is just sickening. So I give you this cartoon, setting forth my vision of the Food Network's increasing pile of dumb.

Rachael Ray is still hot, though. Overexposed but hot.


You like Rachel Ray's horrible faux-Italian screech but dislike Batali's honest cookery? What is WRONG with you?

Have you read Anthony Bourdain's takedown of the Food Network?

Here's that:

I'm on board with your "regular looking people can be hot" tendencies. But RR? Really? No.

You've totally captured the essence of food network. Don't you just love watching countless hours of work crumble into a heap of sugar?! I love non-competive things that they make competitions out of.

Alton Brown's not out of material, but he is, I think, holding back, both because he is afraid of running out of ingredients in 5 years and therefore having to do something else with his life, and because if he makes anything ethnic he has to spend 15 minutes explaining fish sauce to flyover housewives and identifying the closest approximation stocked by Albertsons.

Seasons 5 and 6 are my favorites, but he's done barley, okra, and lentils this season, all of which get a thumbs up from me. Yes, he's also done two episodes on water.

Also, to parrot Kevin: what the hell is wrong with Batali?

Also loobster

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