The Sarcasm Center of My Brain Just Exploded


I didn't think anything could be dumber than that TV show about Supreme Court law clerks, but I was wrong. It seems that some intrepid filmmaker, plumbing the very depths of human stupidity, has made a documentary about studying for the California Bar Exam. The movie is called A Lawyer Walks into a Bar, which makes no sense at all unless the movie deals only with out-of-state attorneys taking a second Bar Exam, which it probably isn't.

What can I possibly say about this. It's... there's really nothing. My brain cannot form the words. Why would anyone do this? Who thought this was a good idea? More importantly, I need to quit my job, right now, and get my comic strip made into a movie. My strip is inconsistent, often inaccessible, and generally unfunny, but if "It has lawyers in it!" is enough to make a movie about studying for a test, there's no reason I can't get this movie made in the next nine months.

Also worth noting, from the synopsis, is that the film features cameos from the following "legal luminaries, politicians, well-known comedians, celebrity lawyers and other notables:"

Comedian Eddie Griffin (???)
O.J. lawyer Robert Shapiro
Googly-eyed sensationalist Nancy Grace (all right!)
Scott Turow, author of 1L, another pointless creative work that people are only interested in because it's about the legal profession.
Hideously overexposed Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz
A U.S. Senator and a former Clinton advisor who apparently have nothing better to do
Jim Jamail, the lawyer from this notorious deposition video
Michael Ian Black, whose post The State career has consisted almost entirely of regular appearances on VH1's "I Love Kitschy Clip Shows" series and the horrendous failure Stella, but who probably knows a lot about the Bar Exam for some reason, just like Eddie Griffin.

I feel the need to punch somebody.


fortunately, there seems to be a lot of punching planned for the CH party.

The preview looks hilarious to me. I'd see it.

Michael Ian Black is just doing the bad roles (like Sierra Mist and so he can pay the rent. He'll do more sophisticated comedy when he hits it big.

that sounds like the most boring documentary. but i'm still going to see it.

just saw this film at south by southwest on tuesday. One word: HILARIOUS. The audience (including myself) was really into it and it got a ton of laughs. I almost didn't get into the screening cause it was sold out.
Has the person that started this blog even seen this movie? If you haven't you should. It's really entertaining.

ummm...hey Mr. Blogger...maybe you should ummmm.....PUNCH YOURSELF????????????????

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