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Please read this article about a sorority the kicked out a large chunk of its members, allegedly for being unattractive. The farther you read into the article, the more it sounds like the premise of a screwball college sex comedy. The president of the university is named "Dr. Bottoms."

As sad as the story is, I just can't stop giggling.


As one of your few readers (I assume) who was actually a sorority member (however briefly), this was both sad and cliched. I was in the "brainy" sorority at my college, which was definitely a relative description. It's hard for me to understand the almost religious committment some women maintain to their sororities both during school and after graduation, based on the artificiality of the admission criterion in the first place.

That said, Delta Zeta Nationals had to have had some idea about the likely fallout from this manouver before they went through with it. Their backwards logic about the women evicting themselves via a lack of demonstrated committment to the sorority is beyond nonsense.

Dr. BOB Bottoms.
And Dr. M I think hits on something with her "almost religious commitment" comment... To this outsider, the Greek system has always seemed like some scary and arcane religious cult. Only with more binge-drinking and exploitation. Or, on second thought.... Maybe not MORE.

Actually, the DZs had the chubbier-girl reputation at my college. I think my roommate (whom I often referred to as Malibu Barbie) would have prefered being hit by a bus than pledging DZ.

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