You Think You're Talented


And then you discover the manualist. A manualist, I have just discovered, is someone who plays songs by making rude noises with his or her hands. And this guy is particularly good at it.

Witch Doctor seems to be the biggest crowd pleaser, though Bohemian Rhapsody is also quite impressive. And for those of you with more discriminating sensibilities, there's Joy. You'll never look at weddings the same way.

I always thought that my ability to make noises with my hands, knees, and ears (yes, ears) was impressive, but I can't alter the pitch in any meaningful way, so I feel woefully inadequate.



People I just sent that to:
My fiancee
My college buddies
My coworkers
My preteen brother
My grandmother

Fun for the whole family!

Ears! Me, too, and I've never run into anyone else on the planet who has copped to that.

I no longer feel so all alone.

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